SCADA Systems - Transitioning from Beginner to Advanced

Under Presidential Regulation No. 5/2006, Indonesia Government has announced to increase the shares of new and renewable energy target to 25% in total energy mix by 2025. Because of that, sustainable energy become a priority in Indonesia’s electricity portfolio, which proved with significant attention in terms of investment as well as research since the regulation came out.

With Indonesia’s strategic geographic location, the distribution of water throughout the country is a potential that cannot be wasted. Besides, we also should feel blessed as being passed by equator line, which results in Indonesia’s solar radiation amount up to 4.8 kWh/m2/day. Not only that, according to the Directorate of Various New Energy and Renewable Energy, potential of geothermal energy in Indonesia is about 29,000 MW. Meanwhile for wind, it is reported that the average wind speed in Indonesia is 5m/s, which is suitable for wind power generation.

By looking at the massive potential in renewable energy resources such as geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, and biomass in Indonesia, I personally believe this is an achievable target. As has been proven that the government had launched various policies and programs, including various financial and fiscal incentives for promoting it. However, necessary actions to increase human capacity are also mandatory factors which need to be taken by both government and private sector in this industry.

Because of that, comprehensive training program with possible applications of suitable energy options in Indonesia, which covered all administrative and technical skills are really needed. Besides, relevant case studies with relevant renewable energy technologies also should be learnt, as we can replicate it in Indonesia.

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